11 Useful Gifts for Realtors in 2021

11 Useful Gifts for Realtors in 2021

A day of a real estate agent is full of bumps on the roads (literally and figuratively),  and stress. They are trying to grow their business, stay professional and cope with the pressure. That’s why these problem-solving gifts are on our list.

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Since you are here it means that you have either bought or sold a house! Congratulations, either way! 
If you have a realtor in your life that deserves your gratitude (and I’m sure they do), these 11 super useful gifts will be a great choice.

Whenever we are buying (or creating) gifts, we always have a person who receives them in mind. It sounds obvious, but we often forget that a personalized gift is not only a gift with a person’s name on it, but a gift that a person will love and use.

A day of a real estate agent is full of bumps on the roads (literally and figuratively),  and stress. They are trying to grow their business, stay professional and cope with the pressure. That’s why these problem-solving gifts are on our list.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the list:


1. Car Office for realtors basically living in their cars

Anyone working in the real estate industry spends a fair amount of time in their cars. You might didn’t notice it, but they have to carry so many essentials, paperwork, brochures, tablets, laptops, cords with them.
Usually all of that stuff ends up in plastic bags, or rolling all over the car.

Rest assured that they will use this gift every day, for at least a decade. 


Car Organizer For Realtors A gift

Price: $33.95

Promising review: Overall I’m extremely happy with this product. I work from my car and my passenger seat is usually chaos with all the stuff I have to use regularly. This organizer allows me to access everything easily, nothing goes flying if I have to brake quickly, and it just spins around to the back of the seat if someone wants to ride with me, without having to lose my organization!

It came exactly as specified, Earlier than expected, and is of great quality! I use my vehicle as a mobile office and was sick of my front seat being cluttered and an eyesore. Tidify came through with their organizer! It is quite large, and stores a lot more than I thought it would! Definitely would recommend it!

Best for: Busy real estate agents always working on locations

Buy now: Car Seat Organizer


2. Mini Drone for realtors who want to show off how great properties are from above

Imagine that you want to sell shoes. You take one photo with your 10-year-old phone, and another one with a professional camera. Which one is more likely to sell first?

This drone is a perfect gift for realtors looking to scale their business, and make some amazing aerial shots.

drone for realtor photography - gifts for realtors

Price: $449

Promising review: Offering a great blend of portability, image quality, price and convenience, its only real weaknesses are a lack of 4K video or object tracking. - Tech Radar

Best for: Tech savvy realtors looking to grow their business

Buy now: DJI Mini Drone


3. Gift card for Printed Marketing materials, so that they can put their picture on a bus

It might not look like that, but realtors have to spend A LOT of money on brochures, flyers, business cards, etc. Of course they would like to get something that will help them grow their business.

printed marketing materials for real estate agents

Price: As much as you can afford, but note that anything below $200 won’t be enough.

Best for: Realtors who are just starting their business.


4. An appointment with a Marketing Expert

Real estate is all about marketing. Every realtor has to have some marketing knowledge, otherwise, they won’t be able to sell houses, nor to find clients.

marketing strategy for realtors, appointment gift


Price: $100-$300 per hour

Best for: Junior real estate agents, as well as those who have been in the industry for a long time, and they need to get familiar with digital marketing.


5. Aqua Notes - no more great ideas down the drain!

AquaNotes are waterproof notepads that you can use even when you’re showering.

Perfect for realtors overwhelmed with great ideas, or working in the rain. 

aqua notes, waterproof notes for realtors

Price: $9.75

Promising preview: THIS PRODUCT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!! as a working mom of 2 pre-teens I have such trouble keeping things straight. When I shower it’s quiet “alone time” and so many thoughts run through my head...this allows me to capture them before they are lost. Highly recommend to anyone who wishes they could capture those.’

Best for: Creative realtors.

Buy now: Aqua Notes


6. Portable lantern to light up that scary basement

An easy to use and easy to carry lantern that every realtor could use. Sometimes they need to light up their trunk, other times it’s a dark room - anyway, it’s stylish, so it can only make the house look more appealing.

portable lantern for realtors - the best useful gifts

Price: $39.99

Promising review: The lamp looks elegant and well built. It gives out a warm cozy light that’s easy on the eyes. Touch controls are highly responsive. Battery life is pretty good and the lamp can be dimmed to make it work as a night light when you are about to go to sleep. A very nice and welcome addition to my bedside table.’

Best for: Stylish realtors.

Buy now: Portable lantern


7. UV Smartphone Sanitizer - The pandemic appropriate gift

COVID-19 Has changed literally everything. Even gifts. I don’t think it would have been appropriate in 2019 to give someone a bottle of Clorox. 
If you are watching Good Morning America, you’ve probably had a chance to see this UV Sanitizer that can disinfect anything that fits inside + it can charge any smartphone. Pretty 2020, right?

uv sanitizer and charger for real estate agents - useful gifts for realtors

Price: $55.99

Promising review: The device is super easy to use and straight forward. Place the item inside, close the lid and let it work. Easy Peasy. I am happy with the packaging it came in. It was very protected. The unit feels, and looks beefy. The only part I am not quite sure about is the hinge. I don't think it'll be an issue, it's likely just me. Just feels like it has less resistance than I would expect. But this is an electronic device and not something you'll open 100 times a day.’

Best for: Realtors obsessed with cleaning.

Buy now: UV Sanitizer 



8. A luxurious pen for expensive contracts

Have you ever seen anyone using a $30 pen and said: ‘This guy must be a n00b.’?

Probably never. Unfortunately, things that we own can present us in different ways. If your realtor likes to look like a true professional, then this is the most useful gift for him/her.

a luxurious pen for realtors - gifts for real estate agents

Price: $28.99

Promising review: I can’t believe the quality at this price. It is absolutely gorgeous! The pen is heavy – not so heavy that it makes you tired but heavy in a quality way. The black lacquer gives a very premium look and feel. The gold parts just complete the package.

Best for: Realtors looking to leave a good impression.

Buy now: Scriveiner pen



9. Bathtub Caddy - Because realtors are humans as well. Very tired humans.

This is one of those gifts for realtors meant to help them relax. They face so many difficult people and tough conversations that they deserve to have a relaxing end of the day.

bathtub caddy trey


Price: $49.97

Promising review: Perfect gift for the bath lover, and a great way to make a bath look more thoughtful and designed even when not in use. Our tub is deep and has handles that this tray fits perfectly on. The ability to slide it apart makes it easy to customize to the right width. When not in use the trays and holders are a perfect place to store bath accessories (bubble bath, candles, etc.) that keep the tub area from looking like a hoarders pile.’

Best for: Very busy realtors.

Buy now: Bathtub Caddy Wooden



10. Anti-stress Robe that you can only get in a 5-star spa.

No one has enough robes, and everyone is happy to get a robe. The coziness of this one can make you fall asleep in the matter of seconds. 

Price: $46.99

Promising review: I bought this robe for my wife because she is always cold in the mornings and night and she absolutely loves it! Looks and feels like you could only get through a 5 star spa stay! She says that it is very comfortable and warm and also makes her feel like a millionaire! If you are looking for a robe, this is a must buy!’

Best for: Realtors that you know very well.

Buy now: Luxurious Robe



11. A massage gift card

This gift is suitable for everyone, so if you want to play it safe, you can say thank you to your realtor by giving them a massage gift certificate! It’s a way of saying ‘You deserve a break.’


Price: $50 - $100


I hope you enjoyed going through our list of 11 useful gifts for real estate agents. Of course, It is impossible not to mention that a gift they will appreciate the most is a referral. So if you want to say thank you to your realtor, write a review or recommend him/her to your friend.

And if you want your realtor to remember you as someone who gave him the thing he/she needed to most, avoid giving them funny shirts, name plates or caps. They might be laughing outside, but they are crying inside. 


Now over to you.

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?

Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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